Are we moving away from the dollar?

Why the dollar remains the world’s reserve currency, and will stay that way,%25%20and%20the%20euro%2020%25

Mars or Mercury? The geopolitics of international currency choice

Bretton Woods system

The international role of the euro

List of countries by external debt

List of countries by government debt

External debt as percentage of gross domestic product in Latin America in 2021, by country


What De-Dollarization? The Dollar Rules the World


Argentina to pay for Chinese imports in yuan rather than dollars

Asean makes big push to use local currencies

Asean makes big push to use local currencies

ASEAN to Increase Local Currency Trade, Reducing Reliance on the US Dollar

Southeast Asia’s Growing Interest in Non-dollar Financial Channels—and the Renminbi’s Potential Role

Yuan overtakes dollar to become most-used currency in China’s cross-border transactions

What effect would there be on the US dollar if China sold all its US debt?

China, the BRICS and the Challenge to the US Dollar


China’s Treasury holdings drop below $1tn to 12-year low


India: BRICS Now An Established Part Of Global Geopolitics & Trade


BRICS set to defy West, to host Putin in S Africa

BRICS Debates Expansion as Iran, Saudi Arabia Seek Entry



Pakistan passes special order for barter trade with Afghanistan, Iran and Russia


دلارهای خانگی مردم ۴۰ میلیارد دلار است/ ایرانی‌ها ۲.۵ میلیارد دلار ملک خارجی خریدند

The US will face a mild recession, but the risk of a ‘hard landing’ is currently low, Bank of America’s chief economist says


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