Realism about what is there

Realism about what is the process there

Realism about my action about what I want



Separation between what is there and what we want to be there.

Separation Between my reality and my interpretation of reality

Relying on evidence+reasoning based on evidence

Provide evidence

Request evidence

Share and request feedback

About what is there

is my understanding of reality as yours

is my interpretation as yours

Te stability

Active listening


Learning cognitive errors


Dreams and Ideals

Dreaming as mental exercise

Awareness about my dream vs reality

Share and request feedback

About what we want

I know that my ideal is not the reality

Is my ideal reasonable

Is my ideal feasible/possible

is my ideal probably



Did I brainstorm with other to find all possible directions






Inspired by discussions on رادیو شخصیت  club on club house on,  15 Sep 2023 ran by Siamak Aflatouninan

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