Apache Cassandra:

Cassandra is a scalable key-value store columnar NoSQL database that can be highly available. Cassandra suffers from a lack of performance caused by the requirement to store data on disk. In addition, Apache Cassandra is limited by:

-Not supporting ACID transactions
-Not offering an in-memory computing option
-Lack of SQL support. No SQL operations such as joins, aggregations, groupings or indexes
-No ad hoc query capabilities

However, inserting the GridGain in-memory computing platform between Apache Cassandra and an application provides Cassandra transactions and the following capabilities for the portion of the data stored in GridGain:

-Cassandra transactions across the distributed architecture including ACID transaction support
-A 1,000x query speed improvement from in-memory computing
-Read-through and write-through data from and to Cassandra
-ANSI SQL-99 compliance to run ad hoc and structured queries

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