Hiding the known cause in the headline:

An intransitive verb has two characteristics. First, it is an action verb, expressing a doable activity like die. Second, unlike a transitive verb, it will not have a direct object receiving the action. kill is a transitive verb. to cause the death of; make die.


Instead of saying: Bahrain police killed protestors

====================================================== Instead of saying: several protesters were killed


Instead of saying: Egypt security forces killed Morsi Supporters


Instead of saying: Israeli forces kill more as the push deeper into Gaza













This is the masterpiece:

I nominate Jethro Mullen, Ian Lee and Karl Penhaul for nobel prize in literature.
They have accomplished the most innovative rhetorical spin ever.
“Heavy fighting in Gaza as death toll rises above 500”

This means that as death toll (the subject of the verb rise) rises by itself, there is a heavy fight.
Death toll has become the subject of an intransitive verb 
Without spin version:
500  were killed in Israel invasion to Gaza.



Practice question for this technique

Answer:  “A Chilean diplomat’s teenage daughter died as Venezuelan authorities fired at a car.”!!!


Answer:21 Egyptian soldiers dead as working in checkpoint !!



Protesters die as Bangladesh security forces respond   !!