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  1. Bill C51 creates a new terrorism offence that criminalizes knowingly advocating or promoting “terrorism offences in general” while aware of the possibility that someone else “may” commit such an offence;

2- In Bill C51 Terrorist propaganda is defined as a written, audio, or visual recording that advocates or promotes “the commission of terrorism offences in general” or “counsels the commission of a terrorism offence.” The latter part of the definition may be reasonable, as it involves explicitly criminal conduct, but the first part suffers from the same problems described above regarding the new speech offence. That is, the vague and overbroad nature of an offence for advocating or promoting for “terrorism offences in general”.


Bill C-24 has added other conditions under which a Canadian can lose his or her citizenship, thereby returning the punishment of “exile” to Canada for certain crimes including but not limited to:

  • Committing an act of terrorism
  • Being convicted of an act of terrorism by a foreign court,_2015


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