اگر جامعه ایرانیان کانادا هنگام رای‌دهی منسجم و هم‌آهنگ عمل کنند، آیا می‌توانند تاثیرگذاری عمیق و تعیین‌کننده‌ای بر انتخابات داشته باشند؟

به چه دلیل مشارکت سیاسی جامعه ایرانیان کانادا در انتخابات پیش رو در کانادا اهمیت دارد؟

آگاهی ایرانیان از اینکه در منطقه محل زندگی‌شان کدام حزب کانادا غالب است، تا چه اندازه در تعیین سرنوشت انتخابات می‌تواند تاثیرگذار باشد؟

مهم‌ترین شاخص‌هایی که بهتر است ایرانیان برای رای‌دادن به یک حزب مد نظر قرار دهند چه مسایلی است؛ توجه به سیاست‌های مهاجرتی یا برنامه‌‌های اقتصادی و اجتماعی حزب‌ها؟



Click on the video and watch BC referendum videos:

Part1: FPTP and its Problems

Part2: Comparative Advantages of Rural-Urban Proportional Representation


Simulation Preferential Ballot and the Counting of RUP Transferable Vote







I completed my PhD at Simon Fraser University, School of Communication, investigating the relationships between variables that are related to citizen engagement in mediated democratic societies.

This study is closed now but the next phase will start soon.

The research I am doing is part of the requirements of my PhD dissertation. I am trying to find out whether there are any correlations among people’s democratic engagement, and other variables including their world views; habits of using media technologies and outlets; patterns of online and offline social networking; exposure or attention to different agendas and forms of framing; hopes, despairs, level of trust, personal needs, and their life conditions.

Participating in this study may be an opportunity for you to explore your own attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and behaviors. You may like some questions which provoke deep thinking and reflection in areas of your interest. Moreover, your participation may help better understanding of the parameters which produce informed citizen participation in democratic discourse; therefore, many other people may also benefit from the findings of this study. I hope you will kindly help me by participating in a three-part anonymous survey at SFU survey server at this address:

Alternatively, you may contact me by phone at 604-618-9620, or you can email me at so we can meet for an interview about the subject.

You can also ask me to provide you with the printed copy of the survey, and to accompany you while you are answering the questions. I will be happy to meet you wherever it is convenient for you. Just let me know your interest and availability. Clicking here you can find a copy of the informed consent form for the online survey. It provides additional information about this research. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my research project.

Thank you very much in advance for your time and kind consideration. Best Regards, Amir H. Ghaseminejad, Ph.D. Candidate, School of Communication Simon Fraser University  


Our home is the Earth.An exceptional planet.Its ceiling is the Sky, a blue perception of a mostly empty space as deep as 156 billion lightyears.We should live here as a family.And, even if we do so, we are still so alone.

Amir H. Ghaseminejad, 2 Feb 2013      



Gandhi with textile workers at Darwen, Lancashire England (Sept 26, 1931)


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