distributes your queries to multiple postgres servers with:



Fork of the MySQL relational database management system intended to remain free under the GNU GPL.
Being led by the original developers of MySQL, who forked it due to concerns over its acquisition by Oracle.
Some tools for interacting with MySQL, such as the MySQL Workbench, are not fully compatible with MariaDB.

Percona Server

Close compatibility to the official MySQL releases, while focusing on performance and increased visibility into server operations. Also included in Percona Server is XtraDB, Percona’s fork of the InnoDB Storage Engine. Percona freely includes a number of scalability, availability, security and backup features only available in MySQL’s commercial Enterprise edition.


Free SQL manager and command editor

1) DBeaver  -> SQL server management GUI-> Has view first 100 rows+Support multilevel authentication

2) Heidisql->SQL server management GUI-> Does not have view first 100 rows

Does not support multilevel authentication

3) pgAdmin3-> Support multilevel authentication -> Unstable

4) free all database  manager



ERD tools
Sqlite is the most used db; used also for mobile devices, can be installed on any server or as a desktop dll
both Precompiled Binaries for Windows are needed
one is exe the other is dll (306.08 KiB)
For table creation DB browser
Sqlite3Explorer  is nice admin tool + sql analyzer
There is a simple program Sqlite Designer
Mysql is second mostly used:
A tutorial for workbench: