Pdf and Postscript viewer

Evince is specifically designed to support the file following formats: PDF, Postscript, djvu, tiff, dvi, XPS, SyncTex support with gedit, comics books (cbr,cbz,cb7 and cbt).

Evince PDF Reader Document Viewer


apache2 software manager

webmin  Debian package suitable for Debian, Ubuntu or other derived Linux 14.8 MB

add module for webserver


Open source telegram/slack chat alternative:


File Search Utilities:

I bought filesearchex
has most of what one wants except finding folder  names
gives context menu
has folder search
Freeware for Ultra-Fast File Search
it has a portable version
Find and replace in the content of found files:
portable search:
SearchMyFiles v2.40
 MUST USE: Windows-1252 encoding
AstroGrep gives nice right click context menu and search inside:
AstroGrep is portable
Agent Ransack™    free for personal use is fast or
FileLocator Lite™    FileLocator Lite is a re-branding of Agent Ransack for corporate environments


Listary is an  automatic search of file names on local hard-diskListary
avoid 🙁 effective search  
is TOO slow in screen update has errors and hangs in windows 10
FileSearch    (not inside the file but filename)
(Open source portable and installable)
comes up in context menu  as “start a new Search”


File menu tools

Glary Utilities 5
Multiple Glue point Shapes for Libre Office (open Office)
Delete all standard.soe from all the directories on the computer
Crows feet arrows for ERD in Open Office
unzip and copy this file standard.soe to
C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 4\presets\config      (this one alone doesn’t work)
The .soe file is saved from “menu Format-> line> arrow styles”
The new closed shapes are created in draw and after being selected the add button get activated.
The connectors are not available in writer and excel but can be copied from a ppt opened in presentation.
LibreOffice Basic modules are stored in
which is:
simply copy and paste to another machine

Portable OS

Ultimate boot CD for windows UBCD4WIN doesn’t work on all computers
therefore it can be used as a security strategy. which is made based on Bart’s and xp professional sp3 boots the same computer. It has some backup utilities. portable applications should be placed on a directory and can be included at the burn time.
for example add software like:
Bootable USB UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions without burning a CD. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
How to Make a Bootable USB Disk for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
Windows 10 ISO
Programming Tools: Free installation Packager
ERD tools
Sqlite is the most used db; used also for mobile devices, can be installed on any server or as a desktop dll
both Precompiled Binaries for Windows are needed one is exe the other is dll (306.08 KiB)
 The command-line shell program (version (sha1: 4d3ae851f7840da865dbe097a6883a569d2a8b73) (337.11 KiB)         32-bit DLL (x86) for SQLite verison (sha1: 76b3881b3845fa993df7359c5e3f8a862ca75562)
For table creation DB browser Sqlite3Explorer  is nice admin tool + sql analyzer There is a simple program Sqlite Designer Mysql is second mostly used:


free all database  manager

Buy Software Store online:
Jitsi Meet – Web Conferences. ✓ 100% open source ✓ Encrypted by default ✓ HD audio with Opus ✓ No account needed ✓ Presentations and desktop sharing
Download: Start menu for windows 8    has comparison of quality and licenses don’t go to Cnet or ================================================================
Hardware Bench-marking Nova Bench ======================
multi image Clipboard with save With one can have multiple images in the clipboard and save them as files too.
To send emails one by one ===========================
PDF Printer When installing you don’t need pdf architect 😉 use custom install The new location of PDFCreator
Clipboard and Scanner to PDF and OCR: Pdf convertor professional sometimes is sold at a very good price; can be used as scanner software, laso saves the clipboard to pdf, then can OCR the pdf.
OCR: Copy to clipboard, create a pdf from clipboard in pdf convertor or a pdf reader, save as searchable pdf
VietOCR  works after installation  which will install Google tesseract-ocr nicely- Does Not save as searchable pdf or even print or print to pdf only text
Capture2text- install #q select the area #q an un-formatted  text is in clipboard ready for tts freeocr- (FreeOCR30.exe) works well from scanner or file, does not save to pdf- No print option hand writing
OCR: Scanner software: FreeKapture- works with all scanners- one page scan then copy to clipboard or print to printer or pdf 🙂
simpleOCR: the best for scan but saves to doc file Documalis Freeware scans multiple pages to pdf and prints ( the new version has limitations to 10 pages) can be used when don’t have pdf convertor
Scanner-OCR: HP:  full_5590_3.exe   works with windows 7
HTML EDITOR Microsoft Expression Web 4  is Now a free web page editor
Web editor: Amaya is wysiwyg  –
Nvu and kompozer, composer, Komposer by firefox (was best but not mature) supports webdav supports Persian chars
Thunderbird has a very compatible html saving of what you edit by its editor.
telnet secure SSH: putty
sftp: psftp, winscp drag and drop good,
wsftp lite a free shareware;
cofeecup free ftp
Webdav and SFTP Client: AnyClient better than ant
Filezilla: Portable  ftp with nice editing capabilities for php code

Encryption and Privacy

using facebook login
webdav file manager: Ant commander
7zip open source (weak on TAR)
TUGzip powerful on TAR
extract now,
All zip, 
IZArc 4.1.2

Virus and Malware:


**** math: scilab-scicos
Formula editing: Mathcast   Enhanced Metafile 2 (Word XP and 2003)   Xp service pack3 compatibility mode and disable disable disable




statistics: R+JGR, Stats4U
office: open office, libre office
Backup: Open source urbackup creates a backup server at a local IP port with html interface
The best: Cobian backup blackmoon free and perfect
Clone: Clonezilla is a partition and disk imaging/cloning program
Reference biliography: Jabref, bibus
statistics Econometrics: gretl very good open source, SAS, Stata, Eview, Limdep, rats, pcgive; JMP wordpad
editor on usb: q-jot
Ping: colasoft ping tool  to ping a server for faster response instead of “arp -s ” static definition
zoom: zoomit
Scheduling: Rapla,
resource scheduling Peoject management: openproj System Information: PcWizard 2013;
hard disk speed benchmark System information  SIW-Everest ;    fresh diagnose; bechmarx;  emsa flexinfo; checkit diagnostics CPU memory-Benchmark:Emsa flexinfopro-Everest-Fresh diagnose-Diskbench- Ramdrive: CDRecoveryToolBox Shared Disk: DropBox      Microft windows live-> Sky drive      
ripper: neoaudio
Java ide: netbeans
VNC:  teamviewer (lets access with password without IP)
photo: gimp
smb server: sambar server
smb client: mu commander   mucommander

Desktop Dictionary


CleverKeys 2.1 is a program ordered by Dictionary .com

It can pass any word from any desktop to any online URL that gets a word as argument

I have configured it to ring abadis and wikipedia in the menu

Opens the translation in a browser window (if it doesn’t work from some programs copy to clipboard first)

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ is the most powerful in terms of hot key superiority
But the free version only works with google translator
lingoes is a very powerful dictionary for OUTSIDE BROWSERS
which has a portable version too
that has farsi Language pack
Competing with other hot key programs WITHIN BROWSERS
outside it is fine for example with SHift+right click
It is weak competing for hot hey and its popup is slow but the world you shift+right click on doesn’t have to be selected first
but then you can get translation in any application.
Artha is desktop thesaurus with hot key configuration that works everywhere fast
Zdic is simple EnFa translates the world you put in the clipboard and  with intelligence when you type in it

Online Dictionary

FireFox plugins :
Selection Context Search by ContainersOnTheGo
Dictionary (Google™ Translate) Anywhere 0.3.2  by:Jeremy Schomery
word query (has
s3 translator
word query
timer: cool timer; big time; timeleft
Audio: Audacity
Firefox: Find and Replace for FireFox
cut screen shot to clipboard:
screen capture and print
on download
connect to share from windows 7: 
registry cleaner: Eusing Free Registry Cleaner 2.8 needs installation


Network Visualization and graphic editor:

Create your default node style in the editor.

Then create a user-defined palette section (“Edit” -> “Manage Palette”, then click “New Section”).

Add a template corresponding to your node to the new palette section (right-click on the node, choose the appropriate entry from the “Add to Palette” sub-menu).

Double-click the new template in the new palette section (the template should get an blue background).

Click on free space in the editor to create new nodes with your custom node style.



Sound Audio Sound record edit:

  • Free Studio is an all-in-one package bundling all free multimedia applications developed by DVDVideoSoft.
  • FreeSoundRecorder,
cd-dvd burner: CDBurnerXP pro 4, InfraRecorder
DVD copy: DVD to DVD copy express
CD and DVD copy: Image burn
cd copy: setupclonecd5313.exe is not free
Web site pull free: Website puller(not folders) WTR (only Starts with HTML)- web the ripper 2 from npsoftware – winhttrack website copier Web site pull buy: Teleport Pro   (seleted good )   Delete: Kill box
freelance and more
Foxpro programing
multiple database management tool
Can connect to convert any database table from the following system to sql script
Query Analyzer for all:
Commercial edition has:
SQL Autocomplete – Query Builder – SQL Profiler – Cell and Form Editor – Database Diagram
Microsoft Visual Studio
INKEY( ) Function

Returns a number corresponding to the first mouse click or key press in the type-ahead buffer.

INKEY([nSeconds] [, cHideCursor])


Specifies the number of seconds to wait for a keystroke. If you do not specify a value for nSeconds, INKEY( ) returns a value for a keystroke immediately. If nSeconds is 0, INKEY( ) waits indefinitely for a keystroke.
Shows or hides the cursor, or checks for a mouse click. The following table lists values for cHideCursor.

cHideCursor Description
S Show cursor.
H Hide cursor.
M Check for a mouse click.
E Expand the keyboard macro if a keyboard macro is assigned to a key or key combination. To return successive values for each keystroke in a macro, execute INKEY( ) repeatedly with E included.
If both S and H are included in cHideCursor, the latter character specified takes precedence. You can combine values for cHideCursor, for example, to check for a mouse click and show the cursor, include M and S. To check for a mouse click and hide the cursor, include H and M. INKEY( ) disregards characters other than S, H, M, and E in cHideCursor.
Numeric. INKEY( ) returns 0 if a key has not been pressed. If several keys are present in the type-ahead buffer, INKEY( ) returns the value of the first key entered in the buffer. INKEY( ) also returns the following values according to certain conditions:

  • If M is included for cHideCursor, INKEY( ) returns the value 151.
  • If E is included, INKEY( ) returns a value corresponding to the first keystroke assigned to the keyboard macro. If you omit E, INKEY( ) returns the value for the key or key combination that triggers the keyboard macro.
  • For single keys and key combinations using the SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT keys, the following table lists the return values for INKEY( ). A dash (–) indicates that the key combination returns no value.
    Key Alone SHIFT CTRL ALT
    F1 28 84 94 104
    F2 –1 85 95 105
    F3 –2 86 96 106
    F4 –3 87 97 107
    F5 –4 88 98 108
    F6 –5 89 99 109
    F7 –6 90 100 110
    F8 –7 91 101 111
    F9 –8 92 102 112
    F10 –9 93 103 113
    F11 133 135 137 139
    F12 134 136 138 140
    1 49 33 120
    2 50 64 121
    3 51 35 122
    4 52 36 123
    5 53 37 124
    6 54 94 125
    7 55 38 126
    8 56 42 127
    9 57 40 128
    0 48 41 19
    a 97 65 1 30
    b 98 66 2 48
    c 99 67 3 46
    d 100 68 4 32
    e 101 69 5 18
    f 102 70 6 33
    g 103 71 7 34
    h 104 72 127 35
    I 105 73 9 23
    j 106 74 10 36
    k 107 75 11 37
    l 108 76 12 38
    m 109 77 13 50
    n 110 78 14 49
    o 111 79 15 24
    p 112 80 16 25
    q 113 81 17 16
    r 114 82 18 19
    s 115 83 19 31
    t 116 84 20 20
    u 117 85 21 22
    v 118 86 22 47
    w 119 87 23 17
    x 120 88 24 45
    y 121 89 25 21
    z 122 90 26 44
    INS 22 22 146 162
    HOME 1 55 29 151
    DEL 7 7 147 163
    END 6 49 23 159
    PAGE UP 18 57 31 153
    PAGE DOWN 3 51 30 161
    UP ARROW 5 56 141 152
    DOWN ARROW 24 50 145 160
    RIGHT ARROW 4 54 2 157
    LEFT ARROW 19 52 26 155
    ESC 27 –/27 –*/27 –*/1
    ENTER 13 13 10 –/166
    BACKSPACE 127 127 127 14
    TAB 9 15 148/* *
    SPACEBAR 32 32 32/– 57
    ` or ~ 96 126 41
    – or _ 45 95
    = or + 61 43 13
    [ or { 91 123 27 26
    ] or } 93 125 29 27
    \ or | 92 124 28 43
    ; or : 59 58 39
    ‘ or “ 39 34 40
    , or < 44 60 51
    . or > 46 62 52
    / or ? 47 63 53

    * Keystroke reserved by Windows.

FontForge Font Editor True Type:
Fonty font editor bitmap
Free anti Malware
Explorer (windows)
Explorer++ (tab and bookmark bar free and open-source) best by David Ercig
CubicExplorer (tab explorer)
OutSourcing software
Elance (,
Guru (,
Brickwork India (,
DoMyStuff (, and (

Exchange outlook web search narrow down keywords

AQS keyword




Searches the From field.



Searches the To field.



Searches the Cc field.



Searches the Bcc field.



Searches the To, Cc, and Bcc fields.



Searches the subject.


Body or Content

Searches the message body.



Searches the date sent. You can search for a specific date or a range of dates separated by two dots (..). You can also search for relative dates: today, tomorrow, yesterday, this week, next month, last week, past month. You can search for the day of the week or month of the year.

Important: Date searches must be entered in month/day/year format: MM/DD/YYYY.



Searches for the date received. You can use the same search terms as for Sent.



Searches the Category field.



A search for HasAttachment:yes returns only emails with attachments.

To further specify the emails you want to search, use words or names from the mail in conjunction with the search keyword. For example, blue hasattachment:yes returns only emails containing the word “blue” that include attachments.

report HasAttachment:yes


A search for HasAttachment:no returns only emails without attachments.

report HasAttachment:no


A search for IsFlagged:yes returns only emails that are flagged.

report IsFlagged:yes


A search for IsFlagged:no returns only emails that are not flagged.

report IsFlagged:no