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The General Social Survey (GSS) ===================================================

Canada General Social Survey Stat Canada sfu


are you working? do you have children or responsible for children? are you responsible or have the custody of for a child, teenager or young adult? ===================================================

American Psychological Association Links to Data Sets and Repositories


BC data

Canada Data Statistics Canada

US data US bureau of census ====================================================

Amount the state of California spent last year on each minor in its juvenile-detention system : $224,712   (Harper’s, p. 11, Spring 2011)

Lexis Nexis


Polity IV

the following dataset is compiled by Tatu Vanhanen, emeritus professor at the University of Tampere



HDI report HDI Tools Build your own HDI index

UNICEF country Statistics UNICEF Customized report


Google Public data


European Bank World Bank data IMF data


CIA fact book


An example of Overtly Biased Data and Analysis:

As of 2010, grants awarded from the US government accounted for most of Freedom House’s funding. Noam Chomsky and Edward S. Herman have criticized the organization for excessively criticizing states opposed to US interests while being unduly sympathetic to regimes supportive of US interests.[36] According to Chomsky and Herman, Freedom House described the Rhodesian general election of 1979 as “fair” but found the Southern Rhodesian 1980 elections as “dubious”.[36] They said that Freedom House found El Salvador’s 1982 election to be “admirable”.[36] [36] Chomsky and Herman: Manufacturing Consent, Vintage 1994, p28

All Academic
Access to academic resources online, including free abstracts and downloadable PDF papers.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
This website provides access to research studies, policy briefs, books, and other publications of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), an independent and non-partisan research institute concerned with issues of social and economic justice.

Canadian Council on Social Development
The website for the Canadian Council on Social Development (CCSD), a not-for-profit organization focused on developing and promoting progressive social policies inspired by social justice and equality. CCSD research, much of which is available on this website, looks at social, economic, and demographic issues facing Canada today.

Stats & Facts
Stats & Facts is the on-line service of the CCSD. It provides a wealth of statistical information organized by topic areas covering demographics, families, health, education, economic security, and the labour market.

Canadian Government: Publications by
The search engine for publications authored by Government of Canada departments.

Canadian Policy Research Networks
The objective of the Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) is to create knowledge and public debate on a variety of social and economic issues important to the well-being of Canadians. Through more than 700 publications, CPRN’s research looks at the major challenges facing Canadian society today in health care, supports to families, learning opportunities, job quality and work, and sustainable cities and communities. All CPRN research is available for free!

Canadian Social Research Links
This website provides over 50,000 current links to information on social programs and policies, organized under dozens of themes, for every Canadian province and territory.

Canadian Social Statistics
Links to many Canadian social statistics.
This website provides a database of online public policy research publications.

A comprehensive listing of sociology resources on the Internet.

The online library of statistical databases, books, and other publications of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Statistics Canada: Publications by
Find for free internet publications by Statistics Canada.

The World-Wide Web Social Sciences Virtual Library

Yahoo Social Science Directory

On-line Resources for Learning Research Methods and Statistics

Research Methods

Free Resources for Program Evaluation and Social Research Methods

How Science Works
A PDF guide to “How Science Works” by physicist David Goodstein at the California Institute of Technology.

Social Sciences Pages of Intute
Intute is a free online service providing access to web resources for the social sciences and other disciplines.

A Guide to Internet Resources for Social Research by Intute
A PDF guide to the web for social research.

Survey & Questionnaire Design
Learn to design questionnaires and surveys.

The Question Bank
The Question Bank is a store of social survey question and response forms.

Web Center for Social Research Methods
A website full of resources on applied social research methods.

Research Methods Tutorials
On-line tutorials on a variety of research methods topics.

Selecting Statistics
If you are not sure which statistic to use, this link will find it for you.


Census of Canada 2001 2006
Data, online tabulations, and so on based on the 2001 or 2006 Canadian Census.

An online tool by Statistics Canada for generating tables, graphs, and maps using Statistics Canada data.

Free Statistics on the Web
Links to free statistical software, data, and other related resources.

HyperStat Online Statistics Textbook
An online introductory-level statistics textbook with links to other statistics resources on the web.

Java Applets for Statistics
Links to java applets on the web used to illustrate statistical concepts.

Mediating Variables
An excellent discussion of mediating variables.

Online Statistics: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study
Another online introductory-level statistics book with multimedia presentation.

Java applets that demonstrate various statistical concepts introduced in the book.

Statistics Courses on the Web
A list of statistics courses and other statistics resources on the Web.

Statistical Resources for Sociology on the Web
Search for online statistical information by subject.

Statistics Resource Page
A collection of hundreds of links to resources for statistics organized Michael Friendly at York University.

WISE: Web Interface for Statistics Education
This site contains a variety of tutorials, java applets, and links to statistics-related websites.

UCLA Statistics Department
The website of the UCLA Statistics Department with lots of research links and research help for statistics.

Visualizing Statistical Concepts
Links to web sites for visualizing statistical concepts.

================================ Rankings: ================================

A Biased Corruption

perception index

Corruption Perceptions Index – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

============================== =============================

Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

US Criminology Data

CANSIM – Canadian socioeconomic database

Professor Martin A. Andresen – School of Criminology Data Page

Government agencies   =====================================================================  

includes the world’s largest collection of dissertations and theses; 20 million pages and three centuries of global, national, regional and specialty newspapers; more than 450,000 ebooks; rich aggregated collections of the world’s most important scholarly journals and periodicals; and unique vaults of digitized historical collections from great libraries and museums, as well as organizations as varied as the Royal Archives, the Associated Press and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The New York Times, including The New York Times Book Review, and The New York Times Magazine Wall Street Journal and Wall Street Journal Online Washington Post Los Angeles Times

The Christian Science Monitor  


Social Psychology Network-

web-based experiments, surveys, and other social psychology studies.



Needs logon


Iran Newspaper Archive


Dates Poll LIB NDP GRN OTH Sample Weight Method MOE *
Oct 14 – Oct 15, 2020 NEWAngus Reid Institute 33 49 14 5 801 41 NET +/-3.5%
Oct 13 – Oct 14, 2020 Insights West 33 47 14 7 1,030 36 NET +/-3.0%
Oct 8 – Oct 11, 2020 Ipsos / Global News 34 52 11 3 1,000 11 NET +/-3.1%
Oct 6 – Oct 9, 2020 Léger / Vancouver Sun 35 50 12 3 1,100 7 NET +/-2.9%
Oct 5 – Oct 7, 2020 Research Co. 36 48 13 3 750 3 NET +/-3.6%
Oct 1 – Oct 3, 2020 Angus Reid Institute 31 49 14 5 989 1 NET +/-3.1%
Sep 26 – Sep 29, 2020 Mainstreet / Maclean’s-338Canada 34 45 16 5 1,041 0 IVR +/-3.0%
Sep 24 – Sep 28, 2020 Ipsos / Global News 33 51 12 4 1,251 0 N/T +/-2.8%
Sep 24 – Sep 28, 2020 Léger / Vancouver Sun 31 47 12 9 802 0 NET +/-3.5%
Sep 21 – Sep 23, 2020 Research Co. / Glacier Media 37 44 13 5 750 0 NET +/-3.6%
Aug 26 – Sep 23, 2020 Insights West 29 42 16 13 1,000 0 NET +/-3.1%
Aug 26 – Sep 1, 2020 Angus Reid Institute 29 48 14 9 655 0 NET +/-3.8%
Jul 18 – Aug 26, 2020 EKOS Research 25 51 14 11 1,984 0 IVR +/-2.2%
Jul 14 – Jul 20, 2020 Innovative Research Group 36 38 12 14 441 0 NET +/-4.7%
Jun 16 – Jul 17, 2020 EKOS Research 29 46 13 12 1,504 0 IVR +/-2.5%
Jun 24 – Jun 28, 2020 Insights West 29 47 11 13 827 0 NET +/-3.4%
Jun 19 – Jun 23, 2020 Innovative Research Group 32 42 12 13 384 0 NET +/-5.0%
May 29 – Jun 1, 2020 Innovative Research Group 34 43 10 13 372 0 NET +/-5.1%
May 23 – May 25, 2020 Research Co. 33 41 16 10 800 0 NET +/-3.5%
May 19 – May 24, 2020 Angus Reid Institute 29 47 12 12 528 0 NET +/-4.3%


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