All Margins:  1 inch

Indent paragraphs and block quotations, Hanging Indentation:  0.5 Inch

Font should be 12-pt Times New Roman.

All text on the title page, and throughout your paper, should be double-spaced.

Running head is flush left in the header of every page. It is shortened title of max 50 characters, all capitalized.

Title information stays in the top half of the page.

Title is concise in 12 words or less.

The title of the paper is not in bold.

The title of Abstract is not in bold.


Purdue APA in- text citation

murdoch APA in- text citation https://libguides.murdoch.edu.au/APA/methods


APA Headings
Level position  Format  
  1 Centered,    Boldface, Uppercase the First Letter of each Word and Lowercase Rest
  2 Left-aligned, Boldface, Uppercase the First Letter of each Word and Lowercase Rest
  3 Indented,   boldface, Lowercase all except the first letter of first word with period.
  4   Indented boldface, italicize, Lowercase all except the first letter of the first word with   period.
  5 Indented,   italicized, Lowercase all except first word with period.




Dahl, R. (1989). Democracy and its critics. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

Article in Journal:

Ball-Rokeach, S. J., & DeFleur, M. (1976). A dependency model of mass-media effects.
Communication Research, 3(1), 3–21.




Lists can be bulleted, numbered, or lettered.

For final versions they are better to be indented. Do the following in order:

1. Eat apple because it is good for you.

2. Exercise because it is good for you.

3. Sleep because it is good for you.


We need:

. Apple,

. Orange,

. Grape.





Use parentheses

to set off structurally independent elements


  • The patterns were significant (see Figure 5).
  • (When a complete sentence is enclosed in parentheses, place punctuation in the sentence inside the parentheses, like this.)
  • If only part of a sentence is enclosed in parentheses (like this), place punctuation outside the parentheses (like this).

to set off letters that identify items in a series within a sentence or paragraph (see also section 3.04 on seriation)

  • Example:
    The subject areas included (a) synonyms associated with cultural interactions, (b) descriptors for ethnic group membership, and (c) psychological symptoms and outcomes associated with bicultural adaptation.



APA cover


APA Abstract











































Apa dot



APA block