CV 2014


April, 2014

Amir H. Ghaseminejad





Canadian Communication Association Conference

University of Victoria,  Victoria, BC, Canada

Society, Technology, Product, Change, Responsibility: An Organic Feedback Perspective


Ninth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society

UBC Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada

Society, Technology, Product; Change, Responsibility: An Organic Feedback Perspective



The 63rd Annual Meeting of The American Society of Criminology

Washington, D.C.

United States of America

Distribution of Event Complexity in British Columbia Court System


Amir Ghaseminejad, Patricia Brantingham, Paul J. Brantingham


European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC).

Athens, Greece


The Distribution of Event Complexity in the British Columbia Court System: An Analysis Based on the CourBC Analytical System.

Published by Springer

Ghaseminejad, A. H., Brantingham, P., & Brantingham, P. (2012). Distribution of event complexity in the British Columbia court system an analysis based on the CourBC analytical system. Security Informatics, 1(1), 1–7. doi:10.1186/2190-8532-1-13



Society for Social Studies of Science,

2010 Annual Meeting

Tokyo, Japan

“Science and Technology, Agents Who Cannot be Held Responsible

Risks of Loose Definitions and Personifications”


The Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship Graduate Student Conference

graduate student conference

 Québec City, Canada


“Collective Decision Making While Averting the Impact of Irrelevant Alternatives

Sincere Voting Using Collaborative Methods”


The IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics

Vancouver, Canada


“An Executive Decision Support System For Longitudinal Statistical Analysis of Crime and Law Enforcement Performance. “

Published by IEEE

Ghaseminejad, A. H., & Brantingham, P. (2010). An executive decision support system for longitudinal statistical analysis of crime and law enforcement performance crime analysis system pacific region (CASPR). In 2010 IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI) (pp. 1–6). doi:10.1109/ISI.2010.5484784

Ghaseminejad, A.H. and Brantingham, P.J.


BC ICT Summit

Vancouver, Canada

“Recent research on rural connectivity”


Public Choice Society

Monterey, California, USA

“Collective Decision Making with Explicit Averting from the Impact of Irrelevant Alternatives”


On the Edge : Pushing Boundaries in Social Research Student Conference

UBC sociology graduate student conference

Toward a Science for Understanding the Complexities of Modern World-System: Reality, Uncertainty, the Truth and the Good


BC ICT Summit

Coast Plaza Hotel, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, 2009

Foundation for the Future Research Project


International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society

Huntsville, Alabama, USA

A Mythology of Media Effects: Our Path Toward Comprehensive Models


Union for Democratic Communications (UDC) Conference

Buffalo, New York, USA

An Informatics Theory of Democratic Journalism.




Canadian Communication Association Conference

University of British Columbia,  Vancouver, BC, Canada

A Methodology for Studying the Impact of Providing Broadband Internet Technology to Remote and Rural Communities




International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society

Cambridge University, United Kingdom

“Democracy and the tyranny of Weak Majority: Do Modern Technologies Facilitate Better Decision Making Systems?”





Symposium on Technology and Citizenship

McGill University, Montreal , Canada

“An Informatics Theory of Effective Democracy”, the Effect of Information Dissemination by Modern Technologies on Democracy”

Published in International Journal of Technology Knowledge and Society

Ghasmeinejad, A. H. (2007). An Informatics Theory of Effective Democracy: Democratic Wisdom Hypothesis and General Relativity of Democracy. The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 2(Issue 7), pp.91-106.


Information and Communication Technologies, and The Dynamical System of Collective Decision Making and Control


The application of data warehouses, statistical modeling and using hybrid models of process control and discrete event simulation in modeling of social phenomena


Associate Editor

International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society (Volume 2)





Coauthor with Complex Systems Modelling Group,

“Modelling in Healthcare, “

Book published by: American Mathematical Society


Report for the Office of Chief Information Officer:

“A Model for Inter-organizational Communications for Information Sharing”, prepared for the office of chief information officer.


With Complex systems Modeling Group

Simon Fraser University

Interdisciplinary Research In mathematics and Computing (IRMACS)


“Assessment of Cataract Surgery Wait Lists for British Columbia”. Prepared for the Ministry of Health, March 2007







With Complex systems Modeling Group

Simon Fraser University

Interdisciplinary Research In mathematics and Computing (IRMACS)

·         “Modeling the Demand for Healthcare”. Monograph prepared for the British Columbia Ministry of Health, 193 pages, September 2006.

·         “Utilizing Simulation Modeling for Criminal Justice System Analysis”, Chapter in J. Eck and L. Lui, “Artificial Crime Analysis Systems: Using Computer Simulations and Geographic Information Systems”, to appear.










Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

School of communication, Sessional Instructor

  • News Discourse and Political Communication
  • News media, the public and democracy
  • Computer Supported Cooperative Work: Critical Perspectives
  • Empirical Research Methods in Communication (9 semesters)


Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology , Researcher

  • Research and modeling the impact of BC’s community broadband initiative.


Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

The Institute for Canadian Urban Research Studies (ICURS)

·         Design and development of Crime Analysis System – Pacific Region (CASPR) Big Data Decision Dashboard to use publicly available data to identify important statistics and trends within police detachment and between two or more detachments, and in the province of British Columbia.

·         Design and development CourBC Analytics which is a research system on published court data, a research tool to facilitate data mining on court data.

·         Modeling the Dynamic Behavior of Justice System

·         Trend analysis and modeling of “crime complexity and distribution in BC justice system”


Interdisciplinary Research In Mathematics and Computing

Complex systems Modeling Group, Researcher

·         Modeling Integrated Criminal Justice System

·         Modeling the Demand for Healthcare

·                  A probabilistic Cellular Automata model for the spread of HIV by sharing contaminated needles in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

·         Assessment of Cataract Surgery Wait Lists for British Columbia



Capilano University, North Vancouver, Canada

Information Management Unit, Strategic Management Unit

Business Administration Department, Faculty

·         Empirical Research Methods in Communications

·         Operations management

·         Probability and Statistics 

.        Management Decision Making

·        Management of Information Systems

·         Management

·         Business Information Systems

·         Business Technology Disaster Recovery and Planning

·         Advanced Web Design (E-Business Implementation)

·         Business Computing  (Windows and Office Applications)

·         SQL Server 2000 System Administration

·         Structured Programming Logic & Design

·         Designing Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure

·         Windows 2000 Active Directory Infrastructure

·         Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure

·         Windows 2000 Server

·         Windows 2000 Professional

·         Upgrading Windows NT Support Skills to Windows 2000

·         Visual Basic object oriented programming

·         TCP/IP

·         Windows NT in Enterprise

·         Network Essentials

·         Computer Hardware & Operating Systems.


Langara College, Vancouver, Canada.

Business Administration Department and

Computing Science and Information Systems Department,  Faculty

·         Marketing

·         Business Computer Applications

·         Business Applications Systems Analysis (Accounting Information Systems)

·         Advanced Application Development (Oracle 9i)

·         Java Programming

·         Database Management Systems

·         Computer Networks

·         Advanced Visual Basic Programming .NET

·         C++ Programming

·         Operating Systems I (Unix / Linux)

·         Operating Systems II (Linux Networking and Security)

·         Java Programming

·         Introduction to Programming






Douglas College, Vancouver, Canada.

Computer Information Systems Department, Faculty

·         C++ Programming

·         Introduction to Computers

·         Hardware Maintenance Concepts



British Columbia Institute Of Technology, Vancouver, Canada.

School of Electrical and Electronic Technology, Faculty

·         Understanding TCP/IP

·         Unix Fundamentals (Linux+)

·         Local Area Network I and II (Network +)


  1983 – 1990

Sharif University Of Technology

Electrical Engineering Department  



·         Computer Structure and Machine Language

·         Logic Circuits and Switching Theory

·         Electronics II

·         Microprocessor and Logic Circuits Labs









Sharif University Of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Tehran, Iran.

Presented Seminars on:

·          Parallel Processing

·          Automatic VLSI Layout Generation, Silicon Compilation

·          VT-CSMA Industrial Protocol for Local Area Computer Network.



 Mardabad Satellite Remote Sensing Center

Tehran, Iran

Graphic Processors Researcher

Studied diagnostic software and  image processing  



















Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

PHD Candidate

School of communication

·         The impact of information and communication technologies on collective decision making and control


Sharif University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering .

Tehran, Iran.

M.Sc. in Research Field of Electrical Engineering in Computer Hardware.

·         Software and hardware design and implementation research: Design and Implementation of Test Equipment for VLSI Circuit Tester by Probe-Station in Prototype Stage of VLSI Production.(study, design and implementation of IBM PC interface card and test input output system and high level user interface) program was developed in MS Basic with graphic interface for on line monitoring of captured signals

·         Received top mark in “computer hardware graduate degree” entrance exam, graduated with best result in the field and ranked the third in the national PHD scholarship exam.



Sharif University Of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering .

Tehran, Iran.

B.S. Degree in Electronic Engineering

·         First B.S. research: Graphic package for C language. (Graphic Input/Output System and C library for NEC 7220 graphic processor for NCR-DMV) 

·         Second B.S. research: Advanced graphic library for C language. (Graphic Input/Output System and C library for CPM86 NEC-APC graphic processor)

·         Placed in top 0.001 of students competing for university entrance.






International Workshop on Complex Systems and Networks 2006

Simon Fraser University


September 27-29, 2006

Bridging the scales of disease dynamics, University of British Columbia



Programming Maple, Teaching and Doing Mathematics in Maple 10, Simon Fraser University


June 19-23, 2006

Connecting Student Learning outcomes to Teaching , Assessment, Curriculum

Alverno College weeklong seminars for educators, Milwaukee

July 26-28, 2006


14th Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis (ECCA) Conference


November 17, 2006

The International Symposium “Tesla Day at SFU 2006”

February 27, 2007

(Re)Inventing the Internet: Critical Case Studies, Department of Communication Workshop SFU 2007












Vancouver, New York, Tehran, Dubai

·         Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, SQL 2000

·         Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Windows 2000  

·         Microsoft Certified System Engineer, Windows NT 4.0

·         Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, Windows 2000

·         Early Achiever Windows 2000 Certification Award                                                                           

·         Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet

·         Microsoft Certified Professional, Windows 95, 98




Vancouver, Canada  

·         i-Net+ Certified Professional

·         Network+ Certified Professional

·         A+ Certified Professional  


Capilano College, North Vancouver, Canada

·         Responsive Teaching Techniques Certificate



Westinghouse Canada (NorthropGrumman)

Burlington , Ontario, Canada   

Affinity Installation and support Certificate

·         Certified for Affinity Gateway Card Installation and Support.  




Tennis, Ping Pong, Volleyball, Light and Classical Music