During Yemen’s 2011 revolution General Hadi was “expected to form a national unity government and also call for early presidential elections within 90 days”.

He was the sole candidate in the presidential election that was held on 21 February 2012.

During the 33 years of the rule of first president of Yemen, Field Marshal General Ali Abdullah Saleh (who was a long-time ally of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, supported Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, and fled the country after revolution), and General Hadi’s rule, US had a base in Yemen from which they conducted drone assassinations, to reduce terrorism in the region.

But his legitimacy was challenged by the Houthis. He was further humiliated when the General People’s Congress, Hadi’s own political party!! ousted him as its leader and rejected his cabinet.

Then general Hadi and his Prime Minister Khaled Bahah tendered their resignations to parliament. Later, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed his concerns wink emoticon and called for Hadi to be restored as president after the Houthis installed themselves as the interim government in February 2015.

Shia militia releases Yemen PM, ministers from house arrest

General Hadi then denounced the Houthi takeover as an unconstitutional coup d’état. Currently a coalition of his allies and democratic forces are fighting against Houthis.

Saudi Leaders Have High Hopes for Yemen Airstrikes

Saudi-led warplanes bombed Aden airport: Houthis

Al-Qaeda expands and seizes southern airport………/houthis-gain-ground-against-yeme……/us-yemen-crisis-idUSKBN0M62AV20150……/us-yemen-security-idUSKCN0I41KG201……/Saleh-offered-Saudi-Arabia-a……/5439378…/Kerry-hails-Saudi-airstrikes-in-Yem……/turning_a_wedding_into_a_fune…–saudi-led-warplanes-bombed-aden-airport-houthis

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