General Wesley Clark, on the new strategy of giving up a weapon: democracy.

General Wesley Clark, On giving up democracy as a weapon. 

Streamed live on Oct 9, 2014

Watch for 3 minutes from minute 47.
I ran the argument for Prime Minister Hariri of Lebanon, he smiled and he said look it just won’t work here.Before you can do democracy here you have to fix economic rights. you have to end family owned businesses and you have to establish the kind of the structures that you have in the West everybody has a stakes in economy, everybody has capital, you can buy shares of stock; and  people feel an ownership and sense of participation and legitimacy, then you can move to democracy.

So I think we got the cart before the horse. Now I can talk for a long time about this; but you know, We established this National Endowment for Democracy, back in the Reagan administration. And it is a big offensive weapon for America.

One of the first things Putin did when he became President was tell the other members of his stand: get rid of NDI (National Democratic Institute) and IRI (International Republican Institute), we don’t want these NGOs are here; they are subversive. you may think woe it is so mean.

You know, we got rid of the Communist Party in United States a long time ago because it was doing the same thing in United States that NDI and IRI;

and Ronald Reagan knew it when he established the National Endowment for Democracy he used their own technique against them.

but what is kind of scary about it is
If you’re sitting in Beijing and you look at the people in the street in Hong Kong and you read this line in the newspaper that said: some of the International Republican Institute to help form these protests; that would make you mad.

Just like if we had a problem in this country you said, you know,  it’s a Manchurian candidate. it’s Chinese money coming in here. We don’t allow it, we try not to allow it. So we gonna all have to learn how to get along in smaller planet.

And we can’t push, just because we think democracy is so great; I mean just look at it; here, is it’s so great? Is it working so well right now? the answer is no, it’s a process. We think we can work through this but you can’t lay that process out.

Best democracy in the Middle East is Iran I guess, they seem to hold the regular elections and  99% of people vote. ha ha ha….

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