The only thing worse than the tyranny of majority is the tyranny of minority over majority.

The worst kind of Tyranny of Minority is



‘Until secrecy, prejudice, bias, misrepresentation, and propaganda as well as sheer ignorance are replaced
by inquiry and publicity,’ , ‘we have no way of telling how apt for judgement of social policies
the existing intelligence of the masses may be’     (Dewey 1927,   p. 209).
“The unsolved problem of democracy is the construction of an
education which will develop that kind of individuality which is intelligently alive
to the common life and sensitively loyal to its common maintenance.”  (Dewey, 1899-1924,   V.11).
Dewey,    J.    (1927)    The Public and Its Problems. Athens, oh: swallow press

John Dewey, “Education and Social Direction,” in The Middle Works 1899-1924, vol. 11

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