An end to the mummified self

Routine is habitual practice, petrified vision, or the mummified self, resigned to a single and definitive version of its being.

We spend our time in a daze of diminished existence, neither awake nor asleep. We resign ourselves to compromise and routine, seeing the world through the categories of the established culture or the methods of the established disciplines and reconciled to the mutilation of our experience that we long ago accepted when we entered on a particular course of life;  and then to the mummy of diminished experience that formed around, as we grew older, because we allowed ourselves to be subdued.

For the vast majority of men and women, overwhelming economic necessity and drudgery overwhelm and disguise a stupefaction that would otherwise be apparent. For the increasing number of people who, with the material progress of society, are released from grinding material constraint, there is no such disguise.

Roberto Ungo

The religion of the future


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